Winning lottery ticket is at the Local rubbish Tip

Winning lottery ticket is at the Local rubbish Tip

by steveblakesley on March 13, 2011

Winning lottery ticket is at the Local rubbish Tip,  Well it seems like it to me
This all happen a few months ago and I thought you might like to get to know me a little better.
Well it started with a thought , its time to make the forth bedroom a deluxe un-suite,I started by knocking out two walls to make a bedroom bigger with  the en-suite etc, well the wife didn’t like the idea , as she’s seen my building work. 

Knocked it down anyway, all went  well apart from a short trip to the hospital , my son jump off a ladder straight onto a 4 inch nail (its ok he’s a rugby player and likes pain,) anyway I thought won’t waste a trip I will go to the Rubbish Tip as well , save a bit of time, then comes the phone call!

Better get home water pouring though ceiling …..Op’s , when I get there cant find where its coming from so I go get my Axe , good things Axes, I proceed to hack down ceiling to see if I have bust pipe, no such luck!

The liquid coming  though smells like disinfectant so I race up stairs to the store cupboard with a torch and shine it though the floor boards down though where I made a hole in the ceiling with the Axe , yep they see the light, but there is only a dribble on the floor , , I move the containers and find the 5 ltr container of highly toxic disinfect or What’s left off it leaking though.

My wife bought it the day before , and the Liquid ate though the container and leaked though.

So I come down look across to my Lap top OMG it has gone all over it , its Kaput ,  and so is my ceiling, great weekend.

Ok week latter now , put the ceiling back , the bath has been delivered, stud wall up now waiting for plaster , electrician, plumber, and the bloody bill, no more dramas yet, not much poker either Grrr, OH and one more Thing……… My spare Lap top is ruined as well , will not power up, that’s 2 lap tops knackered,

A few days latter I Had a great result with my lap top , I rung up and got them to look at the one that was eaten ,they virtually replaced all the parts except the screen which was not damage , as it was under warranty, and for some reason they could not find out why it kept breaking down Op’s .

Since I started the ole building program , I have been a regular at the local tip, now I cant wait to get up there to see what bargains they got on offer, my god you could start your own market stall business with some of the stuff being thrown awayits like finding the winning lottery ticket.