Flying Frenzy , Paragliding , Lessons in Dorset

by steveblakesley on March 15, 2011

Have you ever wondered whats its like soring into the Sky like a bird , or doing something really exciting , in fact daring, well how about soring thousands of feet and gliding for miles on a breezy day.

Well that’s exactly what you can do when you come to visit the dramatic Dorset coast , People have even called it relaxing, how can that be your adrenaline must soring ,but if you would like to give this a try then Flying Frenzy based just down the road from the White House are more than willing to teach you , if its your thing you can learn to throw your para glider around to do some of the most dynamic acrobatics that’s come to mind.

It is said to be quite easy to learn how to para-glide, and even possible to fly solo on your first day.

Don’t ever forget that paragliding is dangerous when not been trained properly and you must fully understand the risks involved .

Taster days are available at about £140 for the  day, or you could book a Tandem flight which might be good fun without so much of the risk ,you can even purchase a gift voucher if you would like to give a friend or family member a real exciting ,  novel gift.

To get to Elementary Pilot (EP it would cost about £500, you must take into consideration weather conditions  for safe flying, so bare this in mind if you are considering booking a course.

Part of joining the flying frenzy club itself is the away trips they go on like Maritime Alps near Nice, where the French Alps meet the Mediterranean sea

Well have fun and here is a link to flying frenzy