Saniflow-Radiator-Wife’s Finger-and the Baby

by steveblakesley on March 13, 2011

If  you have a Saniflow system (its a toilet system if you are unaware) you can have some sympathy with me, one of mine gave me a £150 problem though ,water was seeping though the overflow and setting it off every 3 minutes , and the noise drives you mad , so we could not rent the room until fixed ,its  fixed now.
Soon after this I was bleeding the radiators in one the bedrooms , well I got a pint glass to catch the water  as it was coming out to fast and with a glass I could catch more water , I was just holding the valve in by the last thread so I would not have to take it out.
Anyway I thought I would speed the process up a little calling the wife up to empty the glass and use another glass so that  I would not have to re tighten the bleed valve every time it was full .


So after about five glasses being emptied , I got a little careless and drop the valve into the glass , I told the wife be careful you do not poor the valve down the sink ………………..Opppppps she says.
That’s great I say, there I am bloody finger stuck in the hole to stop the water, and she cannot see the valve ,so we change places I go see if I can find the valve , no chance., and I cannot move the U-bend its to tight.
Anyway I say to her I will have to go down to the plumbers merchants and get a new one , so she will have to keep her finger in the hole while I’ve gone to stop the place flooding, but as we have a three year old I will have to shut the bedroom door with them both inside while I am out. 

I went to three plumbers merchants none have a valve …………OMG , I have the now been gone 35 minutes, well as  I arrive back , I get it both barrels from my dearly beloved .

As the little one , once finding out his mother cannot stop him doing anything he wants has turned on every tap , bounced of the bed like a trampoline, pulling off the clean washing at the same time, we also have sweats and chocolate biscuits in the Rooms for the guests , i can leave it to your imagination as to the state of the room on my return.

I of course tell the wife I have to go out again and her finger will have to stay put, I back out of the room slowly as she explodes into a torrid of expletives, anyway I go back into the bathroom and attack the pipe work with renewed vigour, I manage to undo the U bend and retrieve the offending valve and replace it in radiator , do I get any thanks????

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