Pub Games & Gullible Millionaires

by steveblakesley on March 18, 2011

Pub Games are one of the oldest past times in our recent history , darts, skittles, pool, alley skittles, Shove ha’penny,and many more.
The latest game to join the list is No Limit Poker and the Bridport area is no different to anywhere else in the country , you just have to know where to find it .
Its like if you are a darts player, where do you find the best pub of a standard that you  want to play , I will try to outline to you the different pubs in this area that caters for your  various needs.
There are music Venues as well and  I will probably leave a few off the list , but this is hardly my fault if the publican cannot advertise his venue properly , how is anyone supposed to know what’s on?
Maybe that’s a lesson for us all , it no good us having the best web site in the world and no one visits it , or the best shop with amazing products and bargains , which has no footfall , or maybe a shop that does have this footfall , but no sales technique to show what they have on offer in there window, what’s the point!
I have always been of the opinion of if I don’t have a particular skill find someone who does , to Help , I know we don’t always have the finances to do this, so personally I call in favours , beg , I don’t steal , but I might borrow.
Anyway anything to get the job done , I often get sales pitches though my door or in my e-mail, probably like you, offering to show me how to become a millionaire for £39.99 ,or how to create a successful business from nothing , I have yet to see one work for me.
The reason is they are almost certainly making you the profit part of their business and trying to get you to copy them and become part of their team, or they could just be list building , because always remember the money is in the list , make no mistake about this one.
To be honest who in there right mind actually believes that a self made multi millionaire is going to tell you how to archive or copy them and do the same for £39.99 , exactly , they cant or will not , like everyone else they would want to keep it to themselves ,and in very extreme circumstances they might share it with a family member , but unlikely.
But 10,000 Times £39.99 for the gullible ones amongst us is good money even for a millionaire, when I say gullible , I am of course talking about myself.
Most likely they run affiliate programs and sell dreams , nothing wrong with dreams, as I once read dreams are Goals without any action taken .
And that my friend is the end of today’s lesson , And the only way to get on and succeed is to TAKE ACTION.
Oh I transgress from my subject matter , we were talking about where in the Bridport Area to find Pub Games and entertainment.
Friday is darts league night , so most pubs you can get a game in before 8pm , Sundays is Pool league, Tuesdays , is skittles, Sunday crib league.
Tanners in west allington is a Sports Bar that has Poker on a Thursday /Friday and music at the week ends.
The Tiger Inn in barrack street is a real ale pub , and most of the rugby crew descend here for a real lively. atmosphere.
Ropemakers in west street for Music weekends and some mid week.
The Lord Nelson in East street, for skittles and Crib  though the week
The Crown in Westbay Road for Poker on Wednesdays Starts at 8.30pm
The Clock Chideock for all your darts needs , and Poker on Tuesdays ,8pm Start.
Most of the pubs in the area partake in some of the Games unless they are an eating venue’s for the foodies among us.

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