Winning lottery ticket is at the Local rubbish Tip

by steveblakesley on March 13, 2011

Winning lottery ticket is at the Local rubbish Tip,  Well it seems like it to me
This all happen a few months ago and I thought you might like to get to know me a little better.
Well it started with a thought , its time to make the forth bedroom a deluxe un-suite,I started by knocking out two walls to make a bedroom bigger with  the en-suite etc, well the wife didn’t like the idea , as she’s seen my building work. 

Knocked it down anyway, all went  well apart from a short trip to the hospital , my son jump off a ladder straight onto a 4 inch nail (its ok he’s a rugby player and likes pain,) anyway I thought won’t waste a trip I will go to the Rubbish Tip as well , save a bit of time, then comes the phone call!

Better get home water pouring though ceiling …..Op’s , when I get there cant find where its coming from so I go get my Axe , good things Axes, I proceed to hack down ceiling to see if I have bust pipe, no such luck!

The liquid coming  though smells like disinfectant so I race up stairs to the store cupboard with a torch and shine it though the floor boards down though where I made a hole in the ceiling with the Axe , yep they see the light, but there is only a dribble on the floor , , I move the containers and find the 5 ltr container of highly toxic disinfect or What’s left off it leaking though.

My wife bought it the day before , and the Liquid ate though the container and leaked though.

So I come down look across to my Lap top OMG it has gone all over it , its Kaput ,  and so is my ceiling, great weekend.

Ok week latter now , put the ceiling back , the bath has been delivered, stud wall up now waiting for plaster , electrician, plumber, and the bloody bill, no more dramas yet, not much poker either Grrr, OH and one more Thing……… My spare Lap top is ruined as well , will not power up, that’s 2 lap tops knackered,

A few days latter I Had a great result with my lap top , I rung up and got them to look at the one that was eaten ,they virtually replaced all the parts except the screen which was not damage , as it was under warranty, and for some reason they could not find out why it kept breaking down Op’s .

Since I started the ole building program , I have been a regular at the local tip, now I cant wait to get up there to see what bargains they got on offer, my god you could start your own market stall business with some of the stuff being thrown awayits like finding the winning lottery ticket.


X53 Jarassic Coast Bus

by steveblakesley on March 13, 2011

There is nothing to compete with this bus ride from Poole in Dorset traveling along the Jurassic Coast though Weymouth , Abbotsbury, Westbay, past the White House , on into the Market town of Bridport, then the fossil hunters paradise of Charmouth, Lyme Regis, seaton where you ould get off and have a ride on the Tramway across the wetlands ,then on to Beer, also passing  by The Donkey sanctuary near Sidmouth in Devon and passing some of the most breath taking scenery in the world ,and finally finishing in the city of Exeter where you can shop until your heart is content before getting the bus back for your return trip.


Pecorama Beer Devon

by steveblakesley on March 12, 2011

For a great day out , this is definitely recommend for all ages , in saying that its possibly not to good for those who have difficulty walking.

Apart from being a great little fishing village , there is loads to do here from Pecorama which features beautiful landscaped grounds,  extensive 7 and a quarter inch gauge track , landscaped gardens, aviaries , exotic birds, a leisure trail and a mini golf ,A great in door model Railway Exhibition.

There is a wonderful old Pullman carriage where you can take Tea, coffee,and light Meals

Not forgetting the caves , take in the 2000years of history of these quarry caves, and view the massive chambers and vaulted ceilings ,the quarry was first worked in Roman times , and has supplied the stone for twenty four cathedrals any many more famous buildings like Windsor Castle, Tower of London,Hampton Court Palace.

The  stone at Beer was in much Demand by the masons, as when  quarried it is perfect for fine detail carvings,but hardens on exposure to the air, turning a beautiful creamy white colour.


Swanage Railway

by steveblakesley on March 12, 2011

Swanage Railway & Corfe Castle

The Swanage Railway

One of my most favorite experiences is when I take my 4 year old son out for the Day, we drive down to Nordons station which is about a 15 minute drive from Dorchester heading for Wareham, you cannot miss the signs, We find this the easiest way to travel into Swanage as we have no problem with the parking because you can leave your car there all day.

It truly is a magical nostalgia Steam train ride if you are into this kind of yesteryear travel, the train has a number of stops and you can hop on and off where ever you choose to., which are Corfe Castle,Harmans Cross,Herston Holt and Swanage.

There is a buffet on most of the Trains which run about every 20 minutes in the summer.

The Railway offers a more intensive heritage steam and diesel timetable train service than virtually any other preserved railway. Steam and diesel galas, Family events plus regular Evening Dining and Sunday Lunch services complement themed events such as the highly popular Santa Special trains during the  Christmas period.


Tsunami & Earthquake In Japan Before and After Pictures

by steveblakesley on March 11, 2011

As far as Tsunami & Earthquake In Japan is concerned all our thoughts and Prayers are with the victims and their Families in these dark times, from all at the White House B&B

Before and after satellite Pictures


Thomas Hardy and T E Lawrence

by steveblakesley on March 11, 2011

Amazingly these two legends of writers not only lived a few miles apart , but were also Great friends, so visiting Thomas Hardy’s Cottage just outside of Dorchester is an absolute must if you are in the Area, just imagine Lawrence of Arabia walking down the path to visit his great friend , maybe even going for a pint or two in the local Pub, what conversations they must have had, the only thing to say is mouth watering.

I wonder if they inspired each other, something we will never know , but just thinking about it is awesome, it was at the cottage that Hardy wrote Under The Greenwood in 1872 and far from The Madding Crowd in 1874, Thomas Hardy was a distant relative of Thomas Masterman Hardy who’s monument is not to far from the cottage, and who was Captain of the Victory at Trafalger.


Clouds Hill, The Dorset home of Lawrence of Arabia

by steveblakesley on March 11, 2011

Wow what a treat not far from the county town of Dorchester , and what an area to explore , my personal quest was to Visit the Home of Lawrence of Arabia, unfortunately every time i was in the Area it was either closed or it was out of season so always check before you set out,

How ever after many attempts i did make it ,and what a treat it was , ever since seeing Peter O’Toole playing Lawrence i have been captivated , it is run by the nation trust , and is in my opinion awe inspiring its like waiting for him to walk though the door , but i will not spoil it for you.

There is more to come on this subject so join my news letter at the top of the page and keep up with the updates.


Local Restaurant Discounts for our Readers

by steveblakesley on March 11, 2011

I am at present negotiating with Quality Local Restaurants to give my readers of this Blog and guest staying at the White House significant discounts when dinning out in Bridort and the surrounding area , which will be available by printing out a voucher from our web site, Please sign up to our news letter for more details .


Bridport Museum

by steveblakesley on March 11, 2011

This may surprise but a number of people visit this area every year for the purpose of tracing their ancestors, and a lot of the cleaver ones have found out that a lot of information can be obtained from the local volunteers that man the Bridport Museum and help them with their search for information on their genealogy.

Bridport Museum itself is a great place to visit outlining the Towns History, and much more, The fine facade of the building which dates from the 16th century, is all that remains of the original building that now houses the  Museum in South Street.

In 1931 Captain Alfred Codd purchased the building, called The Old Castle, and donated it to the Town to be used as a museum and ast gallery.

Originally it was bought for £1,800  to be home to his own large collection of art , he gave it to the council on the condition that the council would pay for the alterations to convert it into a museum and art gallery.

The Museum is closed in the winter until the spring although the Local History centre whose address can be found on the Museum’s website is open all year round , but please check on the opening hours before visiting.

Also although it might not be physically open it is available via both facebook and twitter any time, to access go to the website and click on the icon.


Symondsbury Pottery

by steveblakesley on March 10, 2011

Some great items

If you are staying in Bridport Dorset at anytime a good visit would be to Symondsbury Potteries at the  Tythe Barn Yard Symondsbury You can find some fabulous of handcrafted items and other works of Art here, they even give Classes on becoming a Potter, for more details you can read more here

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