Bridport Museum

by steveblakesley on March 11, 2011

This may surprise but a number of people visit this area every year for the purpose of tracing their ancestors, and a lot of the cleaver ones have found out that a lot of information can be obtained from the local volunteers that man the Bridport Museum and help them with their search for information on their genealogy.

Bridport Museum itself is a great place to visit outlining the Towns History, and much more, The fine facade of the building which dates from the 16th century, is all that remains of the original building that now houses the  Museum in South Street.

In 1931 Captain Alfred Codd purchased the building, called The Old Castle, and donated it to the Town to be used as a museum and ast gallery.

Originally it was bought for £1,800  to be home to his own large collection of art , he gave it to the council on the condition that the council would pay for the alterations to convert it into a museum and art gallery.

The Museum is closed in the winter until the spring although the Local History centre whose address can be found on the Museum’s website is open all year round , but please check on the opening hours before visiting.

Also although it might not be physically open it is available via both facebook and twitter any time, to access go to the website and click on the icon.

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