About Me

This seems a strange way to start a Blog as its about my private business thoughts and history , but it might be of interest to you.

Of course You will have to excuse my grammar , when i say “I” in this  Blog , I really mean “We” as without my wife’s help and support I would not have been able to try or do many of these projects

Blogging your way to Internet success…

The continuing saga of the search for the Holy Grail of businesses

My name is Steve Blakesley and i can be contacted at steveblakesley@aol.com

I have been thinking about my introduction, should it be
Bright? , Witty? Informative? Honest? What would you like? OK what about the truth? YES that’s it, so fingers crossed I do hope you enjoy.

Time for a change so i am updating now as its been a while


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